All jeans benefit from regular washing! Anyone that tells you otherwise is selling a lifestyle. We require all garments be washed before we can work on them. There are plenty of half truths and mythology online about washing your jeans so we've put together these loose guidelines.

  • Unwashed jeans will break down prematurely from oil, bacteria and grit degrading the fibers. Wash your jeans.

  • What you do and how you wear your jeans will determine how often they need to be washed. Jeans that are worn tighter to the body or when you're more active (ie commuting by bicycle) will benefit from more frequent washing. We recommend washing your jeans after 7-45 days of wear. 

  • Wash inside out with by hand or in a side loading washing machine. If the denim is heavier or stiffer you might want to pull stop the washer before the spin cycle. The spin cycle can scrunch heavy fabrics and cause some marbling in the indigo. This is typically no longer necessary after a few washes.

  • If you're washing by hand be sure to agitate the jeans quite a bit to get the dirt and oil out. Rinse thoroughly, at least twice.

  • Hang drying is best for longevity.  Clothing dryers are harsh on yarn fibers, may wear the indigo unevenly and may cause excessive shrinking of the fabric. If you're in a hurry, don't fret. Using a dryer isn't the end of the world.

  • Wash or rinse new jeans before wear to soften the fibers, reduce fabric tension and eliminate starches/treatments from the fabric mills.

  • Higher water temperatures will cause more shrinking of the fabrics than cold water.  Adjust according to your sizing preferences.

  • Sometimes you'll see a recommendation that you put your jeans in the freezer to "kill bacteria." Nope. That's a silly thing to let the internet trick you into doing. Just wash your jeans.